Droopy Dog Fandub

  • Dog barking and Droopy by me.
    Droopy is adorable, even though most kids are scared of his soul piercing eyes. To me however he's completely adorable, I want a Basset now too. ^^
    PICKINESS: Yes, the synch is slightly off. It's more of a lulz dub than anything. Just wanted it up since Droopy is so darn cute. =3
    Some news, a while ago I contacted Professional Voice Actor Corey Burton (Captain Hook, Moliere, Cad Bane, Ludwig Von Drake, Shockwave to name a few) and asked him for some opinions on my demo. Shockingly enough he gave me very positive feedback about it. I felt really honoured when he commended my vocal range and said that he believes I have what it takes to be a full time voice acting pro (with training and effort of course).
    EDIT: And yes I know I may come across as some stuck up jerk now for mentioning everything but I'm just very happy about it. ^^

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