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  • #ShudraTheRising is the story of 250 million people subjugated in war and condemned to slavery and bestial existence for ages. These peace loving & imprudent people of ancient times were usurped by more aggressive and acquisitive group of men and societies.
    A poignant tale of misery, hopelessness, doom and finally an outburst of rebellion with apocalyptic consequences Shudra The Rising highlights the depths to which evil human mind can succumb to cling on to power and supremacy.
    Agni, Vaayu, Jal aur Sthal se bahiskrit ek samaaj ki swatantrta ki kahani.
    Shudra - The Rising.
    Production - Rudraksh Adventures Pvt. Ltd.
    Written & Directed By - Sanjiv Jaiswal
    Producers - Meesum Abbas , Nitin Mishra
    Co producer- Aaditya Om, Anil Jaiswal
    D.O.P. - Pratik Deora
    Music Director - Jaan Nissar Lone
    Lyrics - Tanvir Gazi & Shiv Sagar Singh

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