Korean Movie 18+ Hot for Teacher

  • She flicked the Queen and King of Cups out of the deck and tossed them toward the snow. Two humanoids made of water formed before her, their hands outstretched. The ensuing rain was heavy, but without any wind, and the elementals hissed in fury as they were slowly smothered out. The magical flames on top of the ice were slowly extinguished, and a hard crust of ice began to form. Sinking her magic into the ground, she focused the freezing of the water and sent a shower of man-sized icicles at the front gate.
    Amir and his team moved away from the opening, and Yuki snapped her fingers, spiraling the icicles apart at the last second. The King and Queen of Cups moved their hands, focusing the rain near the gate, and the icy conglomerate expanded, turning into a thick wall of ice.
    Yuki let out a sigh of relief, focusing her energy on the falling rain. It began to snow once more, and she leaned against a porch column for support. Not only was she running out of tarot cards, but she was also exhausting her own magic faster than it could be replaced.
    The snowman in the yard had partially melted, its misshapen face sliding apart to reveal the top of the gargoyle's head. With a violent shake, Abella's face burst through the slush, showering the ground with icy chunks. Still pinned in place, her dark gaze fixed on Yuki.
    "You've seriously fucked everything up. I hope you're happy with yourself."
    Yuki just glared at her, fighting back the anger welling up inside. "I didn't expect this. Nobody could have."
    "You said that you were the new Caretaker. Why don't you just go out and twist that dial? Prove to us all who's boss."
    "Shut up, Abella. I need to think."
    "Yeah well..." Abella tilted her head, her ear toward the sky. "You'd better think fast. I can hear them whispering to each other."
    "Sounds like they're coming. All of them, from wherever they're at. While you're barely holding them back, their team is getting bigger."
    The sinking feeling in her gut was officially replaced with a pit of pure despair. These people had the advantage in numbers and resources, and it was a tough pill to swallow, but she needed more than just a deck of cards and some snow. "What would you have me do?"
    "Go get the real Caretaker. It's a simple solution, really. Bring back Mike and he can make this all go away."
    "Absolutely not! I've got this..."

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