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  • I finished the slow dance with Joe and returned to the table. My heart was pounding with excitement and as I walked, I could feel that my crotch was soaked. Looking down, I saw that my nipples were as hard as Joe’s cock. They were popping out of my tight dress like pencil erasers! It made me wish that I had worn a bra, but I also thought more about what Suzie had been telling me. I started to justify it and say how bad could it be? We were all consenting adults. We all knew what we were doing. We all seem to want the same thing. Joe and Suzie seemed to be completely in love with each other after already being with other couples. Hell, they seemed to be happier than all of my friends that I know!! It was that walk back from the dance floor that my view on the subject changed.
    As we got back to the table, Suzie turned toward me and her eyes went immediately to my chest. I looked down as if I didn’t know what she was looking at and I didn’t know what to say, so I just smiled at her. Suzie smiled at me and said “I guess you guys had a good couple of dances”. I nervously laughed and whispered to her “yeah, remember what you were telling me before about Joe feeling my ass”. Suzie burst out laughing hysterically, which everyone at the table was asking what was so funny. Suzie just said it was an inside joke. I announced that I had to go to the girls’ room and Suzie said that she would join me. On the way, I told Suzie how hot Joe had gotten me and I needed to cool off. I can’t impress how sweet she was. She ensured me that it was okay and that he does the same thing to her. She also told me that it turned her on to see Joe with another woman. I started to tell her how the thought of my Mark having sex with another woman turned me on, but I didn’t want to let him know that, when she told me “wait until you actually let him fuck another woman and see how turned on you get”. I was zoned in on every word she was saying to me once again. I asked her straight out “would you fuck Mark?” She laughed and said “I would love to. The question is do you want me too?” I didn’t hesitate in saying “I think so”. We both laughed. She then said “wouldn’t you like to hold your husbands cock and guide it into my pussy and watch him fuck me like I was the last woman on earth?” My pussy began to tingle again and my nipples weren’t calming down. I said “Suzie, I can’t believe that I would ask you this, but will you please fuck my husband tonight?” Suzie responded “only if you fuck mine”. My crotch was dripping more now, if that’s possible, and I told her that I would love to. I was nervous and excited at the same time. We were alone in the bathroom at this point and I asked her if she was ever with another woman. Suzie told me that she had never been with another woman and of course asked if the reason I asked was because I was bi. I explained to her that I was straight but when I was about 13 years old, my best friend and I tongue kissed each other trying to prepare ourselves for kissing these guys that we liked. We didn’t want to seem inexperienced since we were a year younger than them and really had no experience at all. It turned from a kissing session to feeling each other up as we both got turned on! I told Suzie that we both laugh about it to this day privately, but I always questioned whether I was actually bi or not. Suzie laughed and explained that she had never kissed or touched another woman, but if I wanted to kiss her, she would give it a try. She said “Joe would probably go crazy if he saw me kiss you”. She seemed to think about it and like the idea. I told Suzie that if I initiate a kiss with her tonight at some point, that it would mean that Mark and I were all in. I also told her that I was pretty sure that I could speak for Mark. Suzie once again laughed and said “oh yeah, you can speak for Mark alright. He was rubbing his hand up and down my leg under the table the whole time you were dancing with Joe”. I was astonished and said “really???” Suzie said “yup, the only thing I did was spread my legs apart so he could feel how hot I was getting”. I couldn’t believe that Mark would be so bold. I asked “did he actually go under your dress?” Suzie explained that he had slid his hand all the way up several times and rubbed against her crotchless thong. She said that the side of his right hand should smell like her and smiled. I said “we are kissing tonight girl” and Suzie smiled saying “I can’t wait”.

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